Joshua Knight

Professional Profile

Joshua Knight is a Senior Extension Associate for Horticulture with the Center for Crop Diversification.

In the years before, during and after his undergraduate coursework, he worked on farms focusing primarily on agro-ecological and direct market production in Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Japan, as well as farms across central and eastern Kentucky (Oldham, Fayette, and Harlan Counties).  Prior to his agricultural career, Josh worked in the Information Technology sector of central Florida for six years, acquiring skills in web development, graphic design, and communication technologies.  He finished an M.S. in Integrated Plant and Soil Science in 2018, with emphasis research on soil-carbon analysis, GIS, carbon footprint, water footprint and Life Cycle Assessment. 


M.S. in Integrated Plant and Soil Science, 2018, University of Kentucky
Research emphasis:  Water Footprint, Carbon Footprint Analysis
    Graduate Certificate in Digital Mapping, 2018, University of Kentucky

B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture, 2013, University of Kentucky