2008 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Parrotia persica (Persian Parrotia) is a member of the witchhazel family (Hamamelidaceae). The leaves are similar in texture and shape to Fothergilla or Hamamelis. Parrotia persica is a plant well-known to plants men and women, plant geeks and plant lovers. Mike Dirr writes "In my mind, an outstanding ornamental tree that has few rivals." The size is 20-40 feet tall with a 15-30 foot spread. The interesting feature of the plant is the exfoliating gray and off-white bark. The flowers are "inconspicuous" from a distance but attractive when viewed up close. The foliage is medium textured and attractive. Fall color as seen in the habit image is mixed; red, orange, yellow, and variations of each. This small to medium tree is very useful in landscapes with limited space and under high power lines. It is propagated by seed or cuttings taken in June-July treated with KIBA and rooted under mist. (Image by Paul Cappiello and Win Dunwell)

Parrotia persica – Persian Parrotia