2009 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Magnolia × loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ – Leonard Messel Magnolia is a beautiful Magnolia known to perform very well in Kentucky. It produces large numbers of showy blooms with strap like petals that are white on the inside and blushed pink from the center pink line on the outside. Mike Dirr says of it "in the Dirr garden early to mid-March"; so he grows itin "his garden" in Athens, GA. He also says "it roots easily from softwood cuttings; truly one of the great magnolias, lovely fragrance, ---". Mike also gives it an international flavor by pointing out "A chance hybrid of M. kobus and M. stellata'Rosea' raised in Colonel Messel's garden at Nymans, Sussex, England". Some say 15-20 feet and others say bigger, 25', Bernhiem's is pushing the for the latter. A Magnolia universally liked by plants people far and wide.