1999 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Theodore Klein named this very special beautiful holly after his equally beautiful niece Judy Evans. It develops a conical shape with a very dense foliage and branching habit. Theodore made the selection in Cave Hill Cemetery in 1940. 'Judy Evans' holly is considered one of the best of the thousands of cultivars of American holly because of it's habit, lustrous dark green foliage, and bright red fruit. 'Judy Evans' is a vigorous grower and can be grown in containers or in the field. It will grow to a 40 foot height in open sun in the landscape. Cutting propagation using hardened off first flush growth, with a 1 inch single wound, 3000 ppm IBA quick dip, peat:perlite media, under mist should be the most successful (Dirr). An excellent tree can be seen in Bernheim Arboretum's Buddy Hubbuch Holly Collection. Numerous Kentucky nurseries have 'Judy Evans' holly in production. It can be seen as a small developing tree at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center Botanic Garden. A Holly collection, that included two 'Judy Evans' hollies, was donated by the late Casey Schott, Bowling Green Landscape Designer and Nurseryman.