2008 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Fagus sylvatica 'Laciniata' or 'Asplenifolia' (Cut Leaf European Beech) are beautiful trees with finely dissected foliage. Knowing which is which has caused some confusion. Flint (1997) says 'Laciniata' is the cutleaf European beech and 'Asplenifolia' is fernleaf European beech ("'Asplenifolia' has the finer texture of the two,"). Mike Dirr (1998) says " 'Asplenfolia - A very beautiful but confused (with 'Laciniata') cultivar with gracefully cut leaves that offer a fern-like appearance;". Of 'Laciniata' Dirr says "A rather confusing group of serrated-leaf beeches; -------- considerable variation in degree of serration occurs on any one tree;". Regardless, these are very beautiful trees with attractive foliage, smooth gray bark and a nice habit. These cultivars are known to grow to the same height as the species at 50 - 60 feet with a width of 35 - 45 feet. The plants at Yew Dell are truly spectacular. Propagation is by grafting to Fagus sylvatica seedlings. Difficult to find, but worth the effort.

Fagus sylvatica 'Laciniata' or 'Asplenifolia'  Cut Leaf European Beech