1999 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Bath's Pink'. 'Bath's Pink' is a cheddar pink that was divided and passed around by Jane Bath of Stone Mountain, GA.'Bath's Pink' is one of the best of the pink flowering Dianthus cultivars. The bloom stands about 8-10 above the foliage, has a red band and a fringed edge. Those willing to cut off the dead flowers will be rewarded with year-round thick ground cover of attractive foliage. At the UK research and Education Center, Princeton, KY the foliage tends to be green most of the year with a slight blue tinge in early Spring. When produced from seed variability can occur, most are propagated in the wholesale perennial nursery by terminal cuttings taken after bloom. It is the 1994 Georgia Herbaceous Perennial Gold Medal Winner

Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Bath's Pink'