2003 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winners

Aster oblongifolia, aromatic aster, is a native to Kentucky. Living up to it's common name the foliage when brushed in passing releases a "nice hint of mint" (Allan Armitage) fragrance. 'Raydon's Favorite' Aster is a dependable herbaceous perennial that provides a wonderful fall flower show. The simple ray flowers are blue-purple. The best season of flowering is September through October. Allen Bush received a piece of the plant from Raydon Alexander of San Antonio, Texas with a note stating this aster was Raydon's favorite. Mr. Alexander had the plant "keyed out" with the result that it was believed to be originally from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Allen informed me that the asters seen in October by the side of the road in central Kentucky are Aster oblongifolia. This 3' tall by 2-3' wide mounding aster has done very well in Kentucky in a variety of landscape sites. It's hardiness zones are 5 to 9. It can be propagated by division in the Spring or Fall or cuttings taken in early Summer.

Aster oblongifolia var. angustatus 'Raydon's Favorite'