2005 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Abies nordmanniana: Nordmann Fir is a spectacular plant; the best fir species for Kentucky landscapes. Its dense formal shape, dependable dark green foliage and wide cultural adaptability make the Nordmann Fir a stately lawn specimen. Plants typically grow at a moderate rate to 60-80’ tall and 30’-40’ wide. They perform best in a sunny location with moist soil. Abies nordmanniana was a fovorite of Theodore Klein's and he recommended it to one and all during his life and placed excellent specimens at his legacy Yew Dell Gardens ( Crestwood, KY). Other sites with beautiful specimen Abies nordmanniana are Cave Hill Cemetery ( Louisville, KY), Bernheim Arboretum ( Clermont, KY) and the UKREC Botanic Garden, Princeton, KY. Nordmann Fir is happiest in USDA cold hardiness zones 4-6. The images were taken at the Gainesway Horse Farm (Lexington, Kentucky) conifer collection during the 2005 Southern Plant Conference.

Abies nordmanniana, Nordmann Fir