The Division of Regulatory Services at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture provide testing services through the Cooperative Extension Service.  Contact your local County Agent to get sample containers and to submit samples.


Water Test (Form W)

1. Obtain a sampling form and bottle from your County Extension Office.
2. To avoid contamination, DO NOT open the sample bottle until you are ready to collect the
sample. Use only the sample bottle provided to collect the sample.
3. For source water sample, open the tap and allow to run for five minutes prior to sampling. Place opened bottle under stream until full. Pour out enough to leave ½ inch of air space. Replace and tighten the cap, mark the sample with an owner ID, and return sample with completed submission form to the County Extension Office.

Soilless Media Test (Form G)
The soilless media test is intended for use with growth media appropriate for greenhouse or nursery crop production in containers or raised benches with limited volume. This test is not appropriate for field soil. Field soil is typically not included in growth media for these systems, nor is it recommended. If you wish to test field soil, with or without organic amendments, request a routine soil test at your County Extension Office. Parameters measured in the soilless media test include pH, soluble salts (electrical conductivity), water-soluble nitrate-N, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, boron, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc using a saturated media extract procedure. Samples may be taken from a current crop or from bulk media before use. Samples must be submitted through your County Extension Office in bags/boxes provided by Cooperative Extension. Please provide complete information on the attached form. The more information that is provided, the more detailed the response can be.


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