Trillium recurvatum, Prairie Trillium, is a fairly common Trillium in west Kentucky; frequently found in moist shaded sites like drainage areas, lakes, and swampy land with canopy. It makes a great landscape plant for partial to full shade areas.  Over time it will spread; making a ground cover with foliage and flowers about 12-15 inches tall (Carman says 6-18 inches). The March-April bloom is sessile; sitting down in the crotch of the three leaf stalks. Bloom color is purple, maybe maroon but a bright red has been observed in Land Between the Lakes (LBL) and even a yellow in Lyon County, KY. 

At the UKREC we have propagated it by division. The Cases say "Propagation of Trilliums from seed, is a slow and commercially expensive process."

See a useful Native Plants Journal 3(1):18-20 article on Propagation Protocol for Trilliums by Stephanie Solt.


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Trillium recurvatum